• We're giving away 4 tickets to AndroidTO in Toronto on Oct 25!

    *EDIT* Congrats to our winners:

    If you won I'll contact you in the next couple of days with details.

    We're giving away 4 tickets to the AndroidTO show! The show takes place on Oct 25th at the Scotiabank Theater in Toronto.

    If you want the tickets just hit reply. I'll randomly select 4 of you Monday evening.

    If you don't know what AndroidTO is here's a quote from their website:
    Donít let anyone try to fool you: Canadaís mobile community is bigger, faster and hungrier for innovation than ever and itís growing like a ravenous Sarlacc on Tatooine (sorry, we couldnít resist). Because of that, AndroidTO exists because we think that our community deserves a place to gather under one roof to chat about the latest technologies in the Android space, share new development ideas and, ultimately, make business connections that actually matter.

    From mobile games to payments, to utility apps and marketing, if it falls anywhere within the Android universe then itís a topic of discussion and learning at AndroidTO. Canadians spend more time online than any other population in the world and a bigger and bigger chunk of that is via a mobile device, so it only makes sense that itís time for us to kick things into high gear and ďThink ForwardĒ.

    Scotiabank Theatre
    Thursday October 25th, 2012
    259 Richmond Street West, M5V 3M6, Toronto
    Comments 25 Comments
    1. evilgabbie's Avatar
      evilgabbie -
      Me me me me me !!!!
    1. Sponge Dude's Avatar
      Sponge Dude -
      count me in
    1. Jeff146's Avatar
      Jeff146 -
      Please I would like to win!
    1. oboreo's Avatar
      oboreo -
      Pick me.
    1. dubey's Avatar
      dubey -
      me plz

      10 characters
    1. Galaxy__Nexus's Avatar
      Galaxy__Nexus -
      I would really love to go to AndroidTO please please pleaseeeeeeeee
    1. katkit's Avatar
      katkit -
      Oh, shiny,shiny
    1. teruyume's Avatar
      teruyume -
      WOW exciting
    1. Pikmin's Avatar
      Pikmin -
      Would love to go!
    1. xhwireless's Avatar
      xhwireless -
      Thanks, Howard for providing this contest to your forum members!
    1. asianada's Avatar
      asianada -
      Pick me! Pick me! I am learning to develop for Android in college and this would be an awesome opportunity! So excited!
    1. ender666666's Avatar
      ender666666 -
      I'd love to win! Android is my jam
    1. jwslam's Avatar
      jwslam -
      love it. original android owner since HTC Dream.

      I've lived through all the desserts. ALL OF THEM!
    1. digital-flex's Avatar
      digital-flex -
      Please pick me. I'm interested in going and learning more about the Android platform.
    1. savbers's Avatar
      savbers -
      I'd love to go! I'll be downtown Toronto that day at SickKids anyhow, and I also missed CWTS.
    1. alexincanada's Avatar
      alexincanada -
      Looking forward to attending AndroidTO2012
    1. DJDakoo's Avatar
      DJDakoo -
      Looking forward to this!!
    1. TylerMcCool's Avatar
      TylerMcCool -
      Sounds like fun!
    1. supahsain's Avatar
      supahsain -
      Very interested please pick me )))))))))))))))))
    1. Cowboy905's Avatar
      Cowboy905 -
      I would LOVE to attend this. Me Please
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