• JailBreak for iOS 6 now released. Go Get It!

    Works great !
    3 Mirror link for Howard Forums :

    Link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/52156675/file.html

    Link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/37260684/file.html

    Link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/45025314/file.html
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    1. jst51's Avatar
      jst51 -
      Works fine. No problems yet.
    1. dubaudi's Avatar
      dubaudi -
      How long did you guys wait at the point where the Evasion logo and "patching kernel" is showing on the phone's screen?

      I've been at that stage over 5 minutes now...
    1. Guest 332's Avatar
      Guest 332 -
      six ipad - eight iPhone 5 - three iPhone 4s - nine ipad mini ... not a single problem ! ( 2-3 min each time - really fast on Windows ... ) this is ca$h day !
    1. Fluid's Avatar
      Fluid -
      That screen takes a few minutes to get past. I think it was about 5 minutes or so, worrying if it was gonna be bricked. Cydia loads, but the tweaks I am trying to download all have errors. I am guessing it probably is just overloaded right now. Will try again later.
    1. jst51's Avatar
      jst51 -
      Looks like Cydia is getting hammered. I also get download errors.
    1. Guest 332's Avatar
      Guest 332 -
      Cydia and all reps are overloaded ;p !
    1. dubaudi's Avatar
      dubaudi -
      Quote Originally Posted by o2qc418 View Post
      Cydia and all reps are overloaded ;p !
      Yeah Cydia must be overloaded right now because I can't get anything.

      Can't even log into my Cydia account right now.

      Guess I'll try later...
    1. daleraver's Avatar
      daleraver -
      I have gotten a few apps to download, however SBSettings is either too large, or has too many people trying to get it installed. It's been 5 hours and it still won't load.

      Do some/most/all paid apps require a repurchase to run? I've logged into my account, and they still pop up a purchase button. Just wondering if there is a list anywhere that describes what apps include the 6.1 version in the original purchase.
    1. GVRD777's Avatar
      GVRD777 -
      My iPod touch 4G lags big time after the jailbreak. I'll be restoring it back to factory soon.
    1. Xeraux's Avatar
      Xeraux -
      Yeah... Cydia's got to be significantly overloaded. I managed to get BiteSMS and SwipeSelection installed before it got to the point that Cydia won't even load.
    1. Blade_27's Avatar
      Blade_27 -
      I'm on my first iPhone, well Apple product really. Are their any cons to jailbreaking an iPhone?

      The one app I would like to have is iGotYa
    1. sabesh's Avatar
      sabesh -
      Detailed guides with screenshots here:

    1. Cauchon's Avatar
      Cauchon -
      I jailbroke but Cydia has been so overloaded that I haven't been able to get much downloaded.

      Some iOS 6.1 apps:
    1. sabesh's Avatar
      sabesh -
      I get this at times. Overloaded.

    1. sabesh's Avatar
      sabesh -
      2nd tweet details why most of cant sign in right now.

    1. GVRD777's Avatar
      GVRD777 -
      ^ too bad I can't read geek. translation people?
    1. Shawn744's Avatar
      Shawn744 -
      Oh ok phew, I thought it was my iPhone having a corrupt jailbreak or something. Of all the iPhones and jail breaking experience I have, I've never actually caught the exact day if jailbreak release and tested it out hours after release. So hopefully al those error messages will go away over the next few days.
    1. TeeRH's Avatar
      TeeRH -
      I have a jailbroken 4s running 5.1.1. Would like to upgrade to 6.1 and then jailbreak. Can I just go ahead and upgrade to 6.1 or do I have to unjailbreak 5.1.1 first?
    1. Fluid's Avatar
      Fluid -
      Seems like it is working much better now. Got a few things loaded, like Infinidock and NoSpot. Just minor stuff, but man, why Apple doesn't just let you do this stuff right out of the box is beyond me. That is all I wanted the jb for, not for emulators or cracked apps, just tweaks to make the phone better.
    1. sabesh's Avatar
      sabesh -
      Yup, all good now.

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