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    by Published on 03-07-2012 01:30 PM
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    Sharing from iMore and Engadget:

    *Post PC devices make up 76% of their revenue
    *315 Million iOS devices
    *Siri Japan, Germany and France
    *1080p TV and Movies, New Apple TV announced and more of an iOS feel
    *Genius for Movies and TV
    *March 16th for Apple TV, still at $99
    *"That brings us to iPad. We think the iPad is the poster child of the post PC world"
    *Retina display - GET OUT! that came out of nowhere
    *264ppi resolution

    *There is a home button.
    *A5X processor confirmed, "quad core graphics"
    *iSight camera, new feature, 5MP backlit sensor on the iPad, IR filter, Autofocus and white balance
    *5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, 5-element lens, IR filter, and ISP built into ​the A5X chip
    *1080p HD video recording
    *Voice Dictation (not Siri)
    *Supports US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese
    *4G LTE

    *iPad 2 has 3.1Mbps on EV-DO, 7.2 on HSPA.

    *Rogers, Bell, Telus, AT&T and Verizon
    *iPad can be a hotspot now
    *The most wireless bands of any device that has ever shipped
    *Battery life is going to be 10 HOURS, 9 Hours on 4G LTE apparently
    *Pricing: 499 / 599 / 699 wifi only
    * 629 / 729 / 829 for the 4G

    *Launching March 16th US, Canada, UK, Frank Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia

    *March 23rd in these other countries:

    *Looks like they've implemented some Bezel gestures
    *Double tapping a single photo compares all pics that look similar and brings them up.
    *Looks like they've built in some native sharing, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook maybe?
    *still using 30 pin dock connector (rumor was iPhone would go smaller anyway)
    *iPad 2 price drops $100.00

    Those were the points I found interesting anyway

    What are your thoughts?
    by Published on 03-06-2012 03:00 PM
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    Our HowardForums member HC - NO "i" just finished up his review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9:

    When it comes to Android tablets, I really enjoy 7” ones like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab - they are portable and easy to hold. The problem is that sometimes I feel it would be a bit more useful if they were just little bit bigger. At the other end of the spectrum you have 10.1” models like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. These are usually too big to be portable. Is the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE’s medium sized form factor just right?
    by Published on 03-06-2012 02:51 PM

    Looks like RIM is at it again, but this time it's only for US customers, and only for OS 7 devices. Still pretty good for those of you who can take advantage. Some of the free apps this time around are:
    -Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro
    -Fixmo Tools
    -Screen Munches

    Apparently you have until May 31st to take advantage.

    What do you think?

    Source: CrackBerry
    by Published on 03-06-2012 02:26 PM
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    Google has re branded it's Android Market today into something called Play:

    Entertainment is supposed to be fun. But in reality, getting everything to work can be the exact opposite—moving files between your computers, endless syncing across your devices, and wires…lots of wires. Today we’re eliminating all that hassle with Google Play, a digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favorite music, movies, books and apps on the web and on your Android phone or tablet. Google Play is entirely cloud-based so all your music, movies, books and apps are stored online, always available to you, and you never have to worry about losing them or moving them again
    by Published on 03-06-2012 08:27 AM
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    Gizmodo has an article posted about 512Gbps fibre optic networking with usable speeds of approx 400Gbps.

    400 Gbps. That is mind blowing.
    It is also not a white coat lab test. They are actually running this over a 500 mile stretch between Berlin to Hanover!

    Deutsche Telekom explains that, if they rolled this out using their usual 48-channel optical fibers, they could achieve a throughput of 24.6Tbps on a cable thinner than a human hair. Whoa.

    I wonder what this would cost with our "aggressively priced" Canadian carriers
    by Published on 02-28-2012 12:40 PM
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    In the past, Nokia ruled the market with their S60 smartphone OS. Of course that was then and now S60’s market share is shrinking faster than a snowball in summer (or this year, Feburary). Anyways, Nokia saw the writing on the wall and last year switched from S60 to Windows Phone. While Nokia has the Lumia 800 and 900 in the upper to high-end the 710 is their mid range device.

    Probably the most interesting thing about the 710 is how similar it is to the 800. There are basically 5 differences: The 800 shell is a single piece of plastic while the 710’s isn’t. The 710 has a 3.7” LCD display while the 800’s has what appears to be a 3.7” Super AMOLED. The 800 has a slightly larger non-removable battery (1450mAh non-removable vs 1300mAh removable) a higher resolution camera (8mp vs 5mp) and more built-in storage (16GB vs 8GB).

    What’s interesting is that the 710 and 800 both share the same 1.4Ghz Qualcomm processor. So speed-wise, there shouldn’t be any difference between the 710 and 800.
    by Published on 02-28-2012 11:57 AM
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    iMore has posted that Apple has sent out invitations for the iPad 3 event. The Event will almost certainly ...
    by Published on 02-27-2012 03:06 PM
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    Nokia just lowered the price of entry on their Lumia line with the Lumia 610. While it sports a 3.7" 800x480 TFT LCD display like the 710 and 800 the rest of the specs are a little more humble. Instead of 512MB of RAM you only get 256MB. 800Mhz processor instead of 1.4Ghz. 5MP f/2.2, 28mm autofocus camera (same as the 710) and 8GB storage (Same as the 710). At 1300mAh The battery is also the same as the 710's.

    800Mhz processor
    3.7", 800x480 TFT LCD
    256MB RAM
    8GB storage
    5MP camera
    f/2.2 , 28mm lens
    1300mAh battery
    available in blue, while, black and pink

    I'm impressed that Nokia kept a 800x480 display but the 256MB of RAM is a little disappointing. The 800Mhz processor sounds slow but first gen Windows Phone run just fine on a 1Ghz so I'm guessing it will run just fine on a processor that's 20% slower.

    What do you think? I'm reviewing a 710 right now and it's a great deal so I'm curious how good the 610 will be.
    by Published on 02-27-2012 01:59 PM
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    A few years back HTC released the TYTN. So when they released the Titan recently I got the feeling that they were running out of names. After all, who want's to buy a phone named the HTC RDR, or AMZ? Looks like I was right as they just announced their One series of Smartphones: The One X, S and V, looks like they're set for their next 23 models.

    Anyways, all will ship with Android Ice Cream Sandwich plus HTC Sense 4. All have a new HTC ImageChip will allows for capture in 0.7 seconds plus 0.2 second auto-focus times. You can also take a pictures while you're shooting a video. There's also Dropbox integration in Sense 4 plus an accessory for your TV which allows you to share video and photos from your One series phone. Finally all come with Beats By Dr. Dre Audio.

    More after the jump.
    by Published on 02-27-2012 10:52 AM
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    Nokia has gone mad!
    41 megapixels!

    1/1.2” sensor (2.5 times bigger than the N8)
    Continuous Auto + Touch Focus
    micro HDMI out
    4" 640x360 ClearBlack AMOLED display underneath curved Gorilla Glass
    1.3ghz single processor
    512MB ram
    16gb on board + microsd
    pentaband 3g (14.4Mbps)
    1400 mah battery
    Belle with Feature Pack 1
    Call and End Buttons!

    450 euro, due in May

    More info to come

    Camera details: ...