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  1. i called pageplus gaved them my hex meid number...

    i called pageplus gaved them my hex meid number then she had me tuen on the phone she told me to press 1 when that screen comes up and it worked to get internet to work after activating phone i...
  2. how to get internet to work on samsung fascinate on pageplus.

    i activated mine just yesterday at first the internet wouldnt work but then i dialed *22890 and pressed the send button /talk then i waited for it to program then the phone turned off i turned it...
  3. wich phone will work better on pp+ samsung galaxy or droid incredible?

    I was looking at phones on and i found a Droid Incredible for 120 and a samsung galaxy s (fascinate) for 125. Both phones are for Verizon, and have clean esn's. So my question is wich...
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    evo on page plus

    is it possible to activate an evo from sprint with clean esn on pageplus i really dnt care if mms and data dont work as long as calling and txxting works please answer asap dnt wanna loose a good...
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    htc evo on pageplus

    did u get it to work .. does the dAta work im thinking about getting one but i dont want to run the risk
  6. what phones have been activated succesfully on pageplus with everything working

    i was wondering what phones would work perfectly with pageplus, i would like a droid or an htc i have at&t but i will have to move to pageplus becasue its way cheaper .. so i was also wondering what...
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