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  1. Fashion Updates from Fashion & Style experts

    I was trying hard to break my dorky image as finished college. Besides entering into the dating game, I wanted tips on corporate attire as I would soon start working in an MNC. This is when I came...
  2. Live Running Simulator App – Finally Friends To Run With

    I live out in the country and while I get a lot of exercise tending to my property I recently have fallen in love with the hobby of running. Not only does it really help to improve my stamina when...
  3. Pickapik App – Having Fun With Food

    One thing in life I love is food. Regardless of if its eating out at a restaurant or making a meal at home I truly enjoy all that comes with a great meal. One characteristic about food that always...
  4. No I used this app.

    No I used this app.
  5. App – Do Dating Apps Really Work?

    Okay so here is the deal. I have been trying the majority of dating apps available and it seems a lot of the big ones have become saturated with overuse and spam my profiles. When it comes to the...
  6. Use Cheep app for the best and convenient local services experience

    Hi, a friend told me about Cheep app recently and I thought of giving it a try. I wanted a custom-built bar unit and was looking for a carpenter who is not just skilled but should also charge me...
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    Hassle free digital cards

    Hi All,

    Recently, I discovered the L-Card Pro app in an online forum, which i now use to scan business cards in any language and convert them into L-Cards, stored on my mobile without any hassle.
  8. Yuemey is the best app of its kind.

    I was pretty skeptical about the Yuemey app because it seems like every app says that it is great for Millennials. But then I downloaded it and I was very happy with the results that I received from...
  9. Parental control - Better Guide is secureteen

    A decent companion of our own child gave her 12-year kid-mobile. Lamentably, she's experiencing difficulty controlling a) his web gets to and b) his diversion get to. It appears at whatever point she...
  10. ALW has all the features you need in a social media app!

    I have a hard time loving social media because most of the social media apps that you use today just focus on one thing. And in order to get all the features that you want from one social media app...
  11. Yuemey is the best app of its kind.

    Yuemey will set you up with the right people!
    Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right job for me. I don’t know where I will fit in well and everything. It can be very scary at times too, but...
  12. ALW(Almost-Live With) experience takes communication &messaging to whole new frontier

    We just launched a Social Networking App called ALW and would love to hear some feedback.

    ALW is a social networking app that lets you to experience time difference between your contacts...
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    Hum A Hit - Best Music App

    Hi all!

    I was looking for an app to Sing, hum, play, and record their musical ideas on the go. Then I found an app called Hum A Hit. This app Converts your Voice into realistic instruments and...
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    Socialize your dog with Wooflinks

    My dog is really playful and he loves to meet other dogs. So, I decided that I would download the WoofLinks app and see what it was all about. I loved it from the moment that I bought it. This is the...
  15. [App][Free] Home On App - Perfect for selling your house!

    I’ve had a hard time selling my house. I had it on the market for the longest time, but with the new Home On app I was able to get a ton of offers on my house just by putting it up online. I was so...
  16. [App] [Android] Home On App - One App for Both Property Sell/Let and Service provider

    Hi all,

    I was looking for an app to help me in buying a house. Then I found an app called Home On App. This app connects the people who want to buy house with those selling them. This app also...
  17. [App] [Android] Baby Skills will keep you updated on your baby growth

    Hi All,

    While searching for a parenting app in the Play store I got a chance to download the app baby Skills. I think it is a best app that I have used before. It has more than hundreds of skills...
  18. [App] [Free] Track your baby performance with Baby Skills


    I would like to suggest a parenting app called Baby Skills. And I experience this app last week and it is simply fabulous. It is a kind of social and educational tool foe each and every...
  19. [Free] [Android] Push Cardz, Your Personal Contacts Manager

    Hi fellas,

    I would like to suggest a app called Push Cardz. And I experience this app last week and it is simply fabulous. It is a kind of Business app where you can manage the business cards. The...
  20. [iOS] [App] Puntr will keep you and your friends Excited

    Puntr app is for die hard soccer fan who loves predicting the league matches. Puntr app is a kind of fantasy sports app. We not only predict various sports events, we can also won jackpots and prize...
  21. [Android] [App] Radii will help you make great friends!

    The other day I saw some of my coworkers using this app, and I had to ask them what it was. They told me they were using an app called Radii. They said that they were trying to meet some other people...
  22. Delivit - Smart way to purchase goods across the world

    Hi all,

    I was looking for an app to help me in buying foreign products without travelling. Then I found an app called Delivit. This app connects the people who want to buy foreign goods with those...
  23. Make Massive Profits with Best Property Buy

    Hey fellas!

    I wished to buy a property in my home town. I was searching for apps that help me in buying properties and during that time I got a glimpse of Best Property Buy and I downloaded...
  24. [Game] Be a Hero with Part Time Hero

    Hi Friends,

    A friend of mine introduced me to a game called Part Time Hero. It is an exciting game which is so different than many of the other games of this genre. This game is much more fun to...
  25. [App] StayGo is a great app for relationships!


    I am using an app named StayGo. It has really shown me that I should be with my boyfriend. I was able to take a test and it really showed me the things that him and I should work on together....
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