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Thread: using tracfone in caribbean

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    using tracfone in caribbean

    hey guys,

    anyone know if tracfone allows their phones to be used in the caribbean? and at what prices?


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    Good question.
    USVI (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John) and Puerto Rico, Viques and Culebra are US Commonwealth or unincorporated US territories. Your phone will likely work there in-network or roaming depending on which Tracfone carrier is your home carrier.
    Other countries in the Caribbean are generally covered by Digicel or Cable and Wireless, but there are other carriers (particularly on French overseas territories). GSM phones will likely be more effective because not all islands have CDMA or analog service. Also note that some islands may use US frequencies of 800/1900 mhz but others may use 900/1800 mhz European frequencies, or in some cases both sets to cater to various visitors. It has been reported Tracfone works unofficially in Canada but they will shut off service to people who use this too much. Assume this may also occur in the non-US Caribbean, so try at your own risk when outside the US Caribbean. A cheap GSM unlocked phone and a local prepaid chip or a callback international prepaid chip may be a more viable option.