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Thread: Another GPS Receiver that works well with the HTC TYTN

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    Another GPS Receiver that works well with the HTC TYTN

    Well I ended up finally getting one off of E-Bay thanks to Lisa doing the searching for me.

    It’s a 42ch Bluetooth with USB dongle and optional external Antenna.

    This is a link to the same make and model one that I bought.

    Hopefully the link works. If it doesn't and you want to see it, just do a search on ebay for JRT-29 you must search in the description section of the auctions. As the title is just listed as

    In order to use this device you will need a Pocket PC Phone or other comparable phone. (Blackberries I believe do work. Just remember the bigger the screen the better. I am ordering a larger 4 GB Micro SD card as just the Canadian / Alaska maps are nearly a gig. All the USA maps are about 4 gig, but at least I can load only the maps I need for the areas and locations I will be traveling in.

    This GPS is amazing. I am running TomTom Navigator on my phone and I can't believe how accurate this is compared to my Microsoft GPS on streets and trips. It also works with all my other mapping programs to map out all the open unencrypted Wi-Fi spots while I am driving around Vancouver. I do a lot of driving between Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley and the Valley for work purposes so I can finally put some of the driving time to use.

    Product Description

    The JRT-29 Bluetooth GPS receiver is a Global Position System Receiver with Bluetooth Wireless technology. This GPS receiver allows you to receive GPS data on mobile handholds tirelessly. By sending GPS position data over Bluetooth, you can position the receiver for the best possible reception all without wires. The advent of Bluetooth GPS receiver will become the next level of GPS receiver. The JRT-29 GPS receiver integrates Bluetooth module into GPS device. It shows the high performance, low power consumption, easily portable, rechargeable & removable battery function and wireless data transmission. If you have a Pocket PC or other portable devices enabled with Bluetooth function, for example DOPOD, HP and Palm, you can take advantage of your device’s Bluetooth capability to tirelessly add GPS positioning technology. When you choose suitable navigation software, you can apply to Personal, vehicle tracking, and marine navigation. If you use this Bluetooth GPS receiver, you will ignore the messy cords and antenna and add the portability of your Pocket PC. In addition, This Bluetooth GPS receiver can change the exhausted battery to full battery like battery of Mobile phone.
    Product Specifications

    42Channels (All-In-View) Tracking
    Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time: 35/20/5 Seconds Reacquisition Time: 0.1 seconds Support Standard NMEA-0183 at 9600 bps baud rate Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP) Small, sleek, and lightweight design easily fits in your hand Four LEDs at the top of the device show Bluetooth and GPS and Charging status & On/off push button Fleet management/Asset tracking Personal /Portable Navigation (PDA, Pocket PC EST.) Location Based Services enabled devices Ultra low power-up to 20 hours after fully charged (750mAH Li-ion Battery) High sensitivity-160dBm Integrated GPS receiver, Active antenna with MCX interface, Bluetooth transceiver Package Included:
    42 CHANNELS BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER (JRT-29) OEM - Nokia BL-5C Rechargeable Battery USB Cable Car Charger AC Adapter Charger (The Lithium Battery is rechargeable via a USB port or the AC adapter charger)

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    Maybe I'm talking out of my @ss here since I'm not familiar with the HTC TYTN but if it supports a bluetooth GPS Receiver, I'm left to assume that it would support the majority of generic bluetooth GPS receivers out there and not something specific for the HTC TYTN.

    Anyway, myself, I use the Holux GPSSlim240 GPS Receiver and it works just fine with my BB. I don't see why it wouldn't work with the HTC TYTN also or any other device that supports a bluetooth GPS receiver.

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    i had a iBlue 737 or something forgot the model # but its from iBlue. and it has 32 works really well and its BT

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