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Thread: Blackjack II Internet/MMS Settings

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    Blackjack II Internet/MMS Settings

    Hello, I just bought a new unlocked Blackjack II, and I am unable to connect to internet and send/receive MMS, and I need some helping setting it all up.

    I called cellone and at&t and they were no help.

    Now I have a blackjack ii, with a CELL ONE sim card in it. It is sim unlocked.

    I've visted all the past posts with settings, and the searched the at&t support board. I also looked at the one with pictures walking you through it.

    None of these settings have worked.

    I'm sure there is more than one person needing help with this, and is probably going to wait for a reply from this post, so I would love some help!

    Also, if possible, and you own a Blackjack II, maybe you could post your MMS and Internet settings!

    I would really really love to be able to use my internet and send and recieve multimedia messages.

    I do have a full date plan.

    Thank you, and please if possible, reply, I don't want this post to just sink and get 0 replies, I really hope to god I can get my internet settings working with Cellular One.

    I will be active.

    Thank you

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    Go to this thread for the settings for Dobson Cellular One and read through it completely to see how you can use the information provided.

    Cellular One GPRS/MMS Settings HELP!!!!

    In the Blackjack II, you will need to create a new connection in Messaging > SMS/MMS > Menu > scroll down to MMS Options, select. > 3. MMS Profiles > Menu > select either 1. New or 2. Edit > then put in the settings in the required fields and save it. Make sure you select the new Profile (if you selected 1. New) as the Default.

    Profile Name: CellularOne MMS (to keep it simple)
    MMSC URL: http://mmsc or try
    Address: or try
    Port: 9201
    Bearer: WAP

    Now hit Menu to select Advanced Settings to put in the rest of the info.

    GRPS APN: cellular1wap
    Login ID: (Leave Blank)
    Password: (Leave Blank)
    DNS 1: (Leave Blank)
    DNS 2: (Leave Blank)

    I can't guarantee the above is correct as I don't have Dobson Cellular One but it shouldn't be too hard to find the right combination to make it work.

    Also, if you have to make sure you got the Internet/Browser working with Dobson Cellular One first or else all the above won't work.
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    Thank you so much for the reply!

    I did try it out, and sadly it didn't work!

    I think the reason why is because i do not have my internet/browser settings set up right!

    Can you help me, or anyone help me by guiding me to the right internet settings!

    Thank you!

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    I gotta say is about BJ2. I own a N95 8gb, and let me tell you the BJ 2 has impress me very much. Almost tempted to get one.