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Thread: Video problem - LG phone/

  1. Video problem - LG phone/

    Ok i have a problem retrieving a video that was sent to me via another person's video phone. My phone does not have video capabilities.

    Unfortunately i do not know my phones model number and am having difficulty locating that.

    They sent me a video and i attempted to access it on and i use a Mac operating system - Mac os X and the widow is telling me to download apple quicktime. i had quicktime and then proceeded to download the newest update of quicktime and it still will not play the video. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. LG model number

    i have located the model number, finally.

    LG AX275 (Silver) (ALLTEL).

    Thanks for any help u can offer.

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    Angry Help!

    I am also having this exact same problem with the exact same phone. HELP!!