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Thread: Hook up my cell phone to my credit card machine

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    Hook up my cell phone to my credit card machine

    I have a business at a flea market that we have no phone service.(Hard Line)
    I would like to hook up my credit card machine up to my cell phone
    so that when I swipe a card for a charge it calls and authorizes the card
    and charges. This all takes a minute at most. Is there a piece of equipment I can do this with. If I go with a wireless machine It $800. for the machine
    and $30.00 a month for the cell service. I have 700 min a month that I don't use. now. Any suggestion would be appreciated . my machine has the modem it I would just be dialing in
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    As far as I know, you can not use your existing land-line credit card terminal with your existing cell phone. They are just not compatible with each other.

    However, there is a cheaper option than the $800 wireless card terminal plus monthly fees.

    As of this month, Get It Now (Media Center) now offers an application you can download to most Verizon phones. It's called "PayPal Credit Card Terminal" and costs $8.99 per month subscription (plus airtime/data charges depending on your plan). You use your mobile phone and a PayPal merchant account to process cards on your phone from the flea market.

    See for details.

    *Disclaimer: I don't use this, I just saw it listed in Get It Now the other day.*

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    Many years ago, in the age of analog cell phones, I had a cousin in the same predicament as you.

    Back then, there were devices that would go between your CC terminal and cell phone and simulate dial tone and such for the terminal, and then dial your cell phone and connect the two.

    I'm not sure if anything like that exists in the world of digital calls. I suspect not as I don't believe all the D/A A/D conversions would work with the likes of fax and modem tones.

    What you may be able to do however is if your CC terminal can work with an internet connection as an alternative to a landline phone connection, using a laptop tethered to the phone and connecting the terminal to the laptop could work. Of course you'd have to pay for a tethering plan at either $2/day or $60/month.

    FWIW, I just did a quick Google and came up with THIS . Perhaps something along those lines would work for you?