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Thread: straight talk phone or st compatible phone with wifi?

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    straight talk phone or st compatible phone with wifi?

    Is there any straight talk phone that comes with wifi? I checked the feature list for each phone on the straight talk website and found nothing. Will there ever be a straight talk phone with wifi?

    I'd settle for built in wifi just to web browse, gtalk, gmail etc and not be able to make calls over wifi.


    Obligatory and annoying followup question:
    Is it in any way possible to get a phone with wifi onto straight talk (using a verizon phone or something)? yeah, the answer's probably still no but i thought i'd pose the question anyway in case anything has changed on this front.

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    At the moment, the closest you'll get with full web browsing would be with the yet-to-be released(if ever) Samsung Finesse. While it does not feature Wi-fi, it does support HTML browsing, which would be a step up versus the other phones currently offered by ST. As aforementioned, there is no guarantee the Samsung Finesse will ever be offered by ST, so for the moment, hassle free web browsing under ST may just be little more than a pipe dream.

    To answer your second question, it's my understanding that ST phones are locked to their service and it is not possible to use one from another service.