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Thread: Motorola w385 won't charge properly.

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    Question Motorola w385 won't charge properly.

    For the past month, whenever I charge it (From either LOW BATTERY or one bar) via the wall adapter or a usb cable it will shoot up to three bars very quickly (within 20-30 minutes) with "Charge Complete". I let it "charge" for at least 8 hours but it seems to go down to 1 bar or low battery very quickly - 8 hours if i make no calls or 4- 6 hours depending on how many calls I make.

    I have had this phone close to 2 years. I've been told the battery should be good for 3 years. I will be getting a new battery at a shop tomorrow but I have read some older posts that people have had this problem with this phone (some when they only had the phone for a short time) and that getting a new battery didn't help.

    Should I hold off buying the battery and see about getting some other phone?

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    It sounds like your battery is shot. A battery is only good for a few hundred charge-discharge cycles. A new battery should solve your problem.