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Thread: Add-ons (12/17/09)

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    Add-ons (12/17/09)

    Voicemail: $5/month
    Our Call Control package offers you features that tell you who called and when. Get the "what" as well with unlimited voicemail messaging.
    (Voicemail is included in the Always Shout plan.)

    MY COUNTRY International Calling: $5/month
    Call one country a lot? Get preferred rates for China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea or Singapore – and keep checking back as we add new countries.

    Canada/U.S. Unlimited Text: $5/month
    Add unlimited texting to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. for a flat fee.

    US Unlimited Long Distance: $10/month
    Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US for a WIND Home Zone– available as an Add-on to Always Talk and Always Shout only.

    Canada Unlimited Long Distance : $10/month
    Unlimited calls to anywhere in Canada from a WIND Home Zone – this special Add-on is for Always Talk only.

    Social BlackBerry: $10/month
    Chat and post morning, noon and night at one sweet price: UNLIMITED Facebook®, MySpace™, BlackBerry® Messenger, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, Google® Talk, and AIM®
    Best of all? No contracts! Choose any voice plan, stay as long as you want – no ands, ifs or buts – and absolutely no penalties.

    Infinite BlackBerry: $35/month
    Includes all the benefits of Social BlackBerry® PLUS UNLIMITED:
    - Email for up to 10 accounts
    - Internet – all you can eat – you can even tether!
    - BlackBerry® App World where you'll find 100's of the coolest apps – tons are absolutely free!
    Yup, and it's no contract too – honest!

    Infinite Mobile: $35/month
    A data plan as infinite as the Internet - unlimited internet access while in any WIND HOME Zone.
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