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Thread: WIND HOME Zone (12/17/09)

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    WIND HOME Zone (12/17/09)

    Q: What is a WIND HOME Zone versus a WIND AWAY Zone?

    A: At WIND, when you are in HOME Zone many services are available to you for free.
    When you are in a WIND AWAY Zone, some services will cost a bit more:
    • Calls to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. (all destinations): 25 cents/minute
    • Any calls to you: 25 cents/minute
    • Any text messages you receive (from anywhere in the world): free of charge
    • To use the Internet on your phone/stick: 10 cents/25 kB

    Also, to make sure you don’t accidentally rack up a huge bill, we have capped your maximum call length to 120 minutes when you are in an AWAY Zone – we just want you to be sure you know you’re incurring those extra charges.

    Currently there are three WIND HOME Zones in Canada:
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Greater Toronto Area*

    Expansion of the WIND HOME Zone is expected in 2010 for the following cities:
    • Vancouver
    • Edmonton
    • Ottawa

    Although the current WIND HOME Zone are is quite limited, that does not mean you don't have service in other parts of North America. WIND Mobile currently has a roaming agreement with Rogers Wireless netting them access to their 2G network. WIND Mobile is also working hard to bring coverage in the United States of America.

    Coverage Map
    red: WIND HOME Zone (current)
    blue: WIND HOME Zone (future-2010)
    orange: AWAY Zone (Rogers 2G coverage)
    *USA AWAY Zone will be serviced by T-Mobile*
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