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Thread: WIND FAQ's [02/10/10] - ★ The WIND Mobile Sticky FAQ ★

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    WIND FAQ's [02/10/10] - ★ The WIND Mobile Sticky FAQ ★

    Q: What are the WIND offerings?

    A: Go to the FAQ section at the top of this forum. All the voice offerings, data offerings and add-ons are listed. Want more info? Go to

    Q: Can I buy a SIM card and use it in an unlocked phone I already own?

    A: As of April 2010, you can purchase a SIM card for $10.00, if your phone is checked by a WIND sales rep and found to be compatible with the network. More information here.

    Q: Can I buy a WIND phone and use that SIM card in an unlocked phone that I already own?

    A: Yes, but the phone selection is very limited as WIND uses different bands from most existing wireless carriers. The only current exception is T-Mobile in the USA. So, if you have an unlocked phone from *T-Mobile, yes, you should be able to use that phone on the WIND network. *ONLY "3G" phones from T-Mobile will work on WIND.

    Q: Is the iPhone available on the WIND network?

    No. Apple has not released an AWS iPhone as of yet.

    Q: WIND phones are cheap! Can I buy a WIND phone and then use it on another network?

    A: WIND phones are locked, even though you are buying them without a contract. Someone with technical know-how should be able to unlock a WIND phone, but it would only* work on the WIND network or T-Mobile in the USA for reasons stated above.

    Q: I think that phones from WIND are too expensive! Why can't I sign a contract for 2 or 3 years and get a cheaper phone?

    A: Great news! YOU CAN! Just go to your local Bell, Rogers or Telus store (or a subsidiary of one of those three), and get a phone there. They will be more than happy to lock you into a contract and give you a discount on your phone. WIND is for people who don't like contracts and are willing to pay for their phones. The phones are cheaper than a non-contract phone with another carrier, but if that isn't good enough for you, that is your choice and you are free to stick with one of the other carriers.

    Q: WIND HOME Zones. Can you explain them to me?

    A: WIND uses the term HOME Zone (as opposed to AWAY Zone) to describe areas serviced by WIND's network. If you are close enough to a WIND tower to get WIND service, you are in a HOME Zone. Everywhere else you are in an AWAY Zone. To describe it without their marketing terms, HOME Zone = on WIND network, AWAY Zone = roaming.

    If you are roaming you will be charge roaming fees of $0.15 per text (outgoing only, incoming are still free) or $0.25 per minute for phone calls.

    Q: Can I port my number to WIND from my current provider?

    A: As of December 21st WIND has started to offer number porting from other carriers. We don't have confirmation yet that all carriers are cooperating (i.e. getting your number from Telus *might not work yet), so until it is confirmed please check with WIND directly either at one of their retail locations or by phone at 1-877-809-4631 (1-877-80-WIND-1).

    Q: Why doesn't WIND offer a plan that costs me almost nothing and give me a free phone and pay my ECF and DECF fees from my current provider and then build me a house and give me a car and care for me for the rest of my life?

    A: Obviously the current WIND offering doesn't appeal to everyone, and a lot of people can't make the switch right now. That's life. If you don't like what they currently offer, or you can't switch due to commitments you have already made, or if you aren't in an area they service (yet), then stay with whoever you're with now. This doesn't mean WIND is a complete failure, it just means that their current offering isn't for you. There is no way any wireless provider can be perfect for everyone, so put away your unrealistic expectations. WIND is a new carrier, and will be getting better as time goes on. Just remember that when you lock yourself into another contract with someone else, and don't come crying to us when you finally want to switch but can't afford the ECFs and the cost of buying an unsubsidized phone from WIND.
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    MOD EDIT: This is DiamondElite's thread.

    A lot of people are asking these questions, some not understanding how things are going to work. Please read this as its very helpful and may answer your question.

    This also provides a list of current confirmed devices.

    Q: What frequency will Wind Mobile's GSM network be?

    A: Wind will not be deploying a GSM network, they will however be deploying a UMTS network on the 1700MHz.

    Q: Will my phone with 3G on the 2100MHz frequency work with Wind?

    A: No, as the frequency Wind Mobile is using for its network is UMTS 1700MHz and not 2100MHz.

    Q: Since Wind's network is 1700MHz / 2100MHz why wont my European phone get 3G?

    A: Europe actually uses 1900MHz / 2100MHz for their UMTS 2100. Since 1900MHz is already being used, 1700MHz / 2100MHz is being used, also called UMTS 1700.

    Q: Wind Mobile announced they will support unlocked phones, does that mean I can use my Blackberry or iPhone on Wind?

    A: No, Wind specified that only SUPPORTED PHONES will be allowed on their network, this means if you dont have UMTS 1700MHz on your phone, IT WILL PHYSICALLY NOT WORK ON THE WIND NETWORK. That means your iPhone 3G, Balckberry Bold, and Nokia N95 will NOT WORK with Wind.

    Q: What happens if I put my SIM into my unlocked phone from Europe?

    A: Nothing, you will be roaming 100% of the time on Rogers, Wind will probably cut off your service since they will not make money off you since they will most likely pay for Roaming on Rogers.

    Q: Will the SIM cards be locked to Wind Mobile's phones?

    A: At this time it has not been confirmed, but most likely they are not.

    Q: What are the current phones that are fully supported on the Wind Network?

    You can also check here for compatible phones that could work with WIND.


    *- 9700 Bold


    - Sidekick LX 2009


    Nexus One (Android)


    - 7519 (T-Mobile Tap)


    *- G1 (Android)
    *- myTouch 3G (Android)
    *- Dash 3G (Windows Mobile)
    *- Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile)


    *- CLIQ MB220 (Android)


    - 6263
    *- 3555
    *- 5330
    - N900


    - Traveler 137 (Windows Mobile)


    - T469 Gravity2
    - T559 Comeback
    - T639
    - T659 Scarlet
    - T749 Hilight
    - T819
    - T919 Behold
    - T929 Memoir
    - T939 Behold II (Android)
    *- I7500 Galaxy (Android)

    Sony Ericsson

    - CS8 (C905i)
    - TM506
    - TM717 Equinox
    - Jalou / Bijou

    Total Devices: 28 - February 10th 2010

    * Devices that also have a second version that will NOT work on WIND. Only the version that supports 1700 frequency band (AWS) will work on WIND.

    Q: What is the speed that Wind will launch their network?

    A: Chances are it will launch at 7.2Mbps Down and 2.0Mbps Up, but there is a possibility of faster speeds.

    Please PM me with any errors or omissions or if there is anything to add to this.
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    Q: There are many places showing up selling Wind products in my area, are they all the same?

    A: No, some locations are operated by Wind Corporation, some are "Dealers" or "Resellers" and some may be unauthorized resellers.

    Q: Does it matter if I buy from a Wind Corporate store or from a Dealer?

    A: Yes, purchasing from a Wind Corporate store ensures that you will have proper warranty coverage. It also permits you to visit any corporate store across the country for any warranty or service issue. If you purchase your hardware from a Dealer, you must return to that specific Dealer for any warranty issues.