This is a tutorial for people trying to tether their WIND 9700 with a mac. Here are all the steps that I used including screenshots.

1. go to and download the blackberry modem scripts.

2. Unzip and you will end up with a Blackberry.ccl file. Put that file into Macintosh HD/Library/Modem Scripts

3.Pair your phone as usual - when asked for the phone's Vendor and Model, choose 'Research in Motion' and Blackberry '8800'

4. After Pairing your phone and selecting your vendor/model, you will see "Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup". This is where you would enter you tethering settings. But in this case, leave it at default. Some of you will see a single character under password by default and some wont have anything... Either way, leave it as is and click Continue and then Quit

5. Go to you System Preferences and Click Network Settings. In the bottom left hand corner, you will see a + sign. Click that and Create a new Bluetooth entry.

6. After clicking "Create", you want to go to the advanced settings of that entry. So just click the "Advanced" Button.

7. Once you are in the Advanced settings, you are just going to make sure that the phone Vendor and Model are set to: Research in Motion, And 8800. Dont change any other settings, just click "Ok" and "Apply".

8. After clicking apply, you want to enter the following settings:
Telephone number:
Account name: wapuser1
Password: wap
(I tried many different options like with blank account name and password, I tried with blank username and password, and the only thing that worked was the above settings. I dont know why and thought it was weird but this is what works.)

9. Click Connect

10. Browse the internet off tethering! (as you can see in the image that I have disconnected my wifi and am only connected to bluetooth)

Good luck!