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Thread: South Dakota Coverage

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    South Dakota Coverage

    I am thinking of having some relatives switch phone service to the tracfone as they do not use their other service much. My big question is coverage. I do not live in the cities and it would be helpful to find out about Aberdeen and Pierre.
    SO...Is there anyone who is in either Aberdeen or Pierre with a tracfone? I know their maps state that it would be covered but I need reassurance. SO how is the tracfone coverage in Aberdeen or Pierre?

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    South Dakota Coverage

    My wife and I have a couple of Tracfones. A 301G on AT&T and an LG 200C on Verizon.

    While I can't specifically help you with Aberdeen or Pierre, I can tell you that the coverage on the LG was rock solid everywhere we went in South Dakota early this summer. From Rapid, the Hills and Deadwood, through the Badlands and to Sioux Falls on our way back to Minnesota.... The 301G had hit or miss coverage at best.

    My guess is that if you stayed with a CDMA Tracfone like the 200C or 220C you'll be fine.

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    You can get a good clue from the coverage maps of the two GSM services, T-Mobile and AT&T Tracfone wants T-Mobile used the most so if there's coverage that's probably what's sold there. If neither GSM company covers an area CDMA service will be offered and Verizon's map (or whatever main CDMA company serves the area) will be the phone type offered and that company's map will give guidance.

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    Trac offers what is in their best interest and these sites help you determine what is in your best interest and how to secure it.

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