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Thread: Tethering a samsung t-401g on net10

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    Tethering a samsung t-401g on net10

    I have a samsung t401g on net10 and just started using the monthly unlimited plan. I noticed in the phones settings that it could be tethered as a modem. Net ten doesnt supply any info on how to do this! I found the driver for my phone online and my computer now recognizes it as a modem but i dont have the network settings to create the connection. I have tried tutorials that say that they will work on other phones with no luck has anyone successfully tethered a net10 phone???

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    Tethering is not allowed. The technology used by Net10 limits download speeds to the 100 - 200 kbps range. Upload speeds would be less than 100kbps. Also, Net10 and Tracfone are quick to turn someone's service off for any suspected violation of the TOS.

    I would suggest looking at other options such as Virgin's mobile broadband service. $80 for the stick and $40 a month for unlimited service and you don't have to tie up your cell phone while you are using the internet. Also, in most places your download speeds are in the 400-600 kpbs range and upload speeds in the 150-200 kbps range. In larger cities with 3G, download speeds of 2500-4000 kbps are not unheard of and upload of 800-1200 kbps are possible.

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    Probably the same settings as ATT. U would have to search for them.

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