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Thread: Is there any way to use a Sprint phone with Virgin Mobile

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    Is there any way to use a Sprint phone with Virgin Mobile

    My son signed up for Virgin Mobile and purchased a Samsung Mantra phone, which he is using with the $25 Beyond Talk plan. He prefers to use a Sprint phone that we have, which is a Sanyo MM-8300. Since we already activated using a Virgin Mobile phone, is there any way to use the Swap phone option to switch to using the Sprint phone? Also, if this is possible, would we have to contact Sprint first to unlock the phone? Finally, how would we program the phone with my son's Virgin Mobile number? The Sprint phone is a CDMA phone. Thank you for taking time to read my question.

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    There is no LEGAL way to do what you are requesting, as Virgin Mobile only allows the ESN of its branded phones on the network.

    As per the illegal way, it is not allowed to be discussed on HowardForums.

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    It is NOT illegal to do this as the previous poster stated. However, it is not a simple process and it is not allowed to be described here as it is against the forum rules. Oh, and the cost of the donor phone you would need would make it too expensive no doubt.

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    I'll also point out that this question is answered in the FAQ, which is stickied at the top of the page for a reason. People who read it often find some questions answered.

    Thread closed.

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