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Thread: How do you know if you have been throttled?

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    How do you know if you have been throttled?

    I have 2 data plans one is a 5.1GB usb modem and the other unlimited smartphone plan how can I tell if either of these has been throttled? Last month my kids exceeded the 5.1 plan by using 5.2 gb which cost me $20 in overages and I used 8.7GB on my smartphone with out any additional charges.

    I just heard about this throttling and was wondering if and when it happens and why I never received anything from verizon about it?

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    There is a thread discussing this that may have more answers. I was under the impression that for mobile broadband cards, if you are charged overages, you wouldn't be throttled. I have also heard the throttle marker for unlimited plans is 9 GB. Head to that forum, though, you may get some of your questions answered by those who know for sure.
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