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Thread: Can Tracfone block incoming/outgoing text and email on a phone/account?

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    Thanks everybody!

    Between the blocking on the phone (which I just found out about) and that website that BobbyLee mentioned, this sounds like I'll be able to minimize such things.


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    There is the last option - don't open them. They revert to your incoming text message list, and you can look at the number it was sent from to determine whether you want to open it. Delete is just a keystroke away, no charged airtime.

    At best, that works if few have your number, if 100 others are potential senders, then it has to be asked if a PAYG phone is really what you need. Another finesse point is simply chucking the thing when it runs out of minutes - you're not on a lease, Tracphones are cheap commodity items off the hook, and for some, changing the number on occasion is beneficial. Very few actually dial numbers, they select names off a list - and changing one on the list with a simple text to say "This is my new number." updates it with the people you need to have know. Not every chance acquaintance or email spammer.

    Most of what I read here on TF use is based on thinking of them like a plan lease phone - they aren't by any comparison. The marketing and tech behind them is radically different in some issues, not always to the users advantage. Compare and decide. Customer Service get generally poor marks, cost is great, but the phone is chainganged to the SIM and local carrier, making it difficult to alter. ALL the airtime is leased from someone else, and parceled out to minimize cost, sometimes at the loss of better coverage from a better saturated carrier.

    You get what you pay for.

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    I can confirm that my husband's 420G, purchased about 3 weeks ago, has not fixed this bug. That's one HECK of a bug.

    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyLee View Post
    They won't, if you don't want to receive text messages you're out of luck. Learn to delete them without reading them that way you won't get charged. The 420G receives free text messages (NOT MMS messages), the following is what I posted on another forum:
    "Tip for receiving free text messages – When you receive a text message on your Tracfone LG 420G do not open the phone, instead hit the down volume button. The message will be visible on the external screen. Continue pushing the down button until it has opened all the pending messages and the time/date reappears on the external screen. Now you have opened all the pending messages, pulled them onto your phone, and it doesn’t deduct the .3 units per message. After the time/date reappears on the external screen you can open the phone, go to messages and open them from there. Since they’ve already been pulled onto the phone and opened you won’t get charged to reopen them. My phone was purchased around July 2010 so if yours doesn’t work like this, giving you free messages, it means they must have found the software glitch and fixed it." Hope that helps.

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    Exclamation My LG800G Can Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls/Texts

    Quote Originally Posted by jimates View Post
    Tracfone is not the service provider, so they can't restrict any incoming service. Usually there is no cooperation from the provider to Tracfone users.
    In my Settings of my LG800G, I am able to block either Incoming &/or Outgoing Texts and/or Calls. Have you checked in you Settings of your phone?

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    Could you specify where these settings are located that enable you to block incoming texts unless you're referring to the Reject list because that won't do what these folks are trying to accomplish? Thanks.

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