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Thread: What is the best straight talk CDMA phone on Verizon service?

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    What is the best straight talk CDMA phone on Verizon service?

    I live in an area where only Verizon phones have service. (way out in the mountains). I currently have a ST R451C, and wish I had a better phone, due to it not working very well with the browser, and the micro SD card slot will only work with a 512mb card or smaller. ST Customer Service says if ithe MP3 player works at all, I cant complain, even though they advertise the model as being able to use up to a 4gb card. So, What seems to be the best CDMA verizon ST phone? Which one works best for most of you? I mailnly make calls, text some, and use the browser a lot.

    [1 bar??...only ONE BAR of Signal????...but it's a TRACFONE!!

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    Do you want to use the mp3 player a lot? Do you need a qwerty phone or do you mostly text with predictive texting? I use the lg290c and it works fine for all my calls and texting and light mobile web. But I prefer predictive texting. There are only 7 phones available for cdma on st. Only two of them have a qwerty keypad. The other ones are even more basic. (I know there might be one or two other phones that might come out, but not sure on the area and such)

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