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    Verizon 4 flash from MetroPCS back to Verizon

    I'm working on a purchase via Craigslist for a Verizon iPhone 4 that started out on the VZW network, but has been flashed to MetroPCS. I have VZW, not question is...can this phone be flashed back to VZW without issue? How would I go about doing that...if possible?

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    I've never heard of any flashes for iPhone. They probably just downloaded a metro PRL. To get it on VZW all you need to do is OTASP it via *228xx to have a VZW PRL provisioned and have the MEID tied to your account.

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    I am a little confused. My Verizon phone was able to roam on GSM because they used TDMA. Tell it was shutdown. The phone recognizes it as Analog. If PCS has TDMA, It could be technically be used on GSM.
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    Y'know, I'm used to hysterical 14-year-old ******** on the internet, but this is exceptional. Never before in human history have so many nerds hyperventilated so publicly over so little.

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    You can "flash" to any CDMA carrier by simply changing the PRL. If you want to flash it to Verizon. Simple. Just re-install the firmware (essentially reset it to factory settings) and it'll be "flashed" to verizon. Nothing was done to the phone to get it on MetroPCS. BUT do check it's not a "stolen phone" because if it is verizion will not accept it back on their network. Call them first and tell them the ESN you find in the about page. If they tell you it's stolen put it back on craigslist. if they tell you it's fine. Just plug it to iTunes and choose the "RESTORE" button, or call Verizon and have them help you "reset it"

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    Has anyone actually done this successfully, flashing Metro PCS back to Verizon? I've found other posts of people trying and not being able to.

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