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Thread: Forgot PIN and security question

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    Forgot PIN and security question

    Hey guys,

    I forgot my Virgin mobile PIN and somehow I managed to forget the security question as well. I called VM support and they are saying they can't help me with this.
    Is is true there is nothing they can do? There must be a way for them to reset my account PIN? If they cannot do anything, what would you suggest I do?
    I have a Blackberry and I am paying them $40 for the plan and $10 for Blackberry addon services and I would like to switch to the $45 plan.


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    Normally they send you an email when you first activate your account. That email should have your PIN.

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    Only thing you can do is buy a new Blackberry and activate a new account.

    Then 3 months later, you can sell the old Blackberry.

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    call VM again. some reps are a bit more helpful than others.

    if they keep being uncooperative, request that they verify your e-mail, and physical address on your account.

    worst case, supply them your BB's serial #, if you have auto pay activated on your account request that they verify your card on file.

    if nothing works then swap your phone out with an old tnt or jax or any older model Vm phone and re-activate your BB on a new account with a new Tel #.
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    When you ask to verify, you're going to be giving them the info, which they will then verify. If they give YOU any info over the phone, find a new cell company.

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