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Thread: LG Optimus V codes and menus

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    LG Optimus V codes and menus

    I couldn't find info anywhere, so I'm posting this list like I did for my Shuttle way back when.

    *#*#4636#*#* service menu (I got this from threads about fixing a battery drain bug, please post if you have more)
    ##PORT# still works, requires 6-digit code which is neither 000000 nor 123456 on my phone.
    ##MEID# still works too, returning your decimal MEID.
    ##VIRGIN# still works for the default VM menus.

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    Thank you very much for this!

    Any idea how to do a real hard rest on the phone (as opposed to doing it via Settings > Privacy in the OS)?

    I changed my MDN to 9170000000 (which is my Virgin phone #) using ##VIRGIN# but the change didn't stick: after a reboot it was back to displaying my actual phone number instead of 9170000000.

    But changing the MDN to match the MSID (which another #: 917xxxxxxx), seemed to work and the change stuck after a reboot (in fact it rebooted on its own).

    I am trying to wipe it clean before selling it. Thank you.

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