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Thread: What happened to T-Mobile?

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    Unhappy What happened to T-Mobile?

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 8 years now. Very happy with there service for all the years I have been with them. I just received a letter in the mail today, saying they will no longer be providing cell service in my area. Excessive roaming. What? When I called them, I pretty much got the message of "here's your hat, what's your hurry". They will keep my service on for 2 more weeks, until I find another cellular provider. What in the heck has happened to T-Mobile?????

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    at&t is happening to t-mobile. but that has been the norm.. if you are out of area for a long time.. months, they might cut service... its nice, out of contract for free... however to let go of the value... it sucks.. have you consider wifi calling?

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    This policy has been around for years and is in the t&c. You are costing the company way too much money to service you

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    Sprint and AT&T also have an excessive roaming policy as well. Verizon is the only carrier with truly *unlimited* extended network coverage. Excessive roaming is too expensive for T-Mobile to pay to keep you on the phone and possibly exceeds their profits of your account so they unfortunately terminated you as per. the T&C. I would suggest looking into the carrier you were roaming off of or Verizon or Sprint and check their coverage. Good thing is you won't be charged an ETF.

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    there is a good chance your phone roamed on other carrier's networks for too long during the last few months (i.e. summer trips to extended coverage areas; Wyoming, Montana, Dakotas, Kansas, and Nebraska are dangerous roaming zones). Or perhaps you were in a zone with "in market" roaming and your phone preferred and selected the roaming carrier over T-mobile. T-mobile has some weird metrics on calculating roaming costs and the effect on their profits from your account.

    I'm sorry they think your not a profitable customer; being forced to leave is always painful. If you want to keep GSM service, consider moving your service to Straight Talk, SIMple mobile, your local GSM carrier (if there is one), or... at&t...

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