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Thread: Airave (Airvana) Randomly Fails but shows all-green...

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    Airave (Airvana) Randomly Fails but shows all-green...

    I've recently been having a problem where my Airave stops sending calls/SMS/data to my phone, but the phone shows full reception and the Airave shows all lights green (and Sprint Techs say it reports to be working fine).

    When Somone calls me, they immediatly get dumped to my voicemail and when I place a call I get a silent "dead air" sound with no ringing and subsequently whoever I call does not recieve the call.

    This happens randomly. My latest reset has been working for ~38 hours (5:00pm monday - 2:00pm today) but my last reset lasted less than 16 (~12:00am - 4:00pm --- no idea when it stopped because I didnt get any calls/SMS at the time and was on WiFi for data)

    Anyone else having this problem? (Is this "Normal" for the Airave?)

    Any ideas on whats wrong and how to fix it?
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    I have the original airave and noticed the same thing! Incoming calls get sent directly to voicemail. My phone doesn't ring. I haven't had problems with outgoing calls yet.
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