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Thread: Can I downgrade my phone plan?!

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    Can I downgrade my phone plan?!

    I'm on a three year contract with Telus. My 3-year contract started on October 15th 2010, so its been 13 months now. I just received a phone from work so I no longer need this phone. I received a special retention plan from Telus when I signed a new three year contract.

    My phone plan (Voice & Data SK 50 - Dbl Mins) has:
    300 mins daytime calling
    6pm Local Nights & Weekends
    1 GB included data
    Favourite Numbers Nationwide 5
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Caller ID

    I've been told that if I cancel my plan now, I'll have to pay $20 for each remaining month on my contract, which will work out to $460. So instead of cancelling my plan, I'd like to downgrade it to the lowest and cheapest plan possible so my parents can use it.

    Will they allow me to downgrade to the $20 "Voice 20" plan, which is the lowest advertised plan they have on their website? Will there be a penalty for downgrading to this plan at all? Will there be a penalty if I downgrade to a voice only plan with no data? I was told I could do this after 12 months of my contract but I really want to confirm this first before I call in. I got the iphone 4G with the three year contract. Will they charge me for the full price of the iphone if I downgrade my plan now?

    I was also told there is special monthly $10 plan that only includes 30 mins per month. Would I be able to downgrade to this plan instead?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Instead of doing this, you can always have someone take over it by posting it on kijiji/craigslist, and this is a good plan, so im sure you will have no problems.

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    If this plan was signed when you got a phone, you can't drop it below the $50/mo mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitra11 View Post
    If this plan was signed when you got a phone, you can't drop it below the $50/mo mark.
    Wrong. That policy did not exist yet in October 2010. The original contract terms still apply to the OP and not the newer version.

    The OP can downgrade the phone plan, no problems at all doing that. You are allowed to change the plan 2 times per year for free. There would have been a requirement to keep the data plan during the first year on the contracts from October 2010 but you have already passed that requirement.

    Also the maximum amount of the penalty would have been $400 back then. ($20 per month remaining with a maximum of $400 and minimum of $100 if cancelling on or before the expiry date of the contract)

    You can also transfer the plan and contract to someone else if you can find someone interested in taking it over to avoid the penalty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Que_Ball View Post
    Wrong. That policy did not exist yet in October 2010. The original contract terms still apply to the OP and not the newer version.
    This. The contracts that require the sub to keep a plan of $50 and up for the length of the contract came in effect this year (in May if I'm correct, forget the date).

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