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Thread: Initial programing needed

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    Initial programing needed

    My wife has been with PP for a few years and I bought her a LG dare VX9700 for Xmas. I have not activated the phone yet and would like to wait till Xmas day, what are the chances of getting through on Xmas day?

    I have charged the battery and it says "initial programming needed" I feel so inadequate in a tech world, I did ok on answering machines and I was able to get rid of the flashing 12:22 on a VCR, but I'm falling behind at an alarming rate!

    When and how do I do initial programing, I already did a search, no answers. JIm

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    A dealer or PPC CS has to take her old phone off of the account and put the new phone on. It isn't likely that is possible on Christmas Day, but you could check with PPC to be sure. You do initial programming after the new phone has been put on her account.
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    Alternatively, you could tell her you will activate the next day (which is a Monday).
    That's what I would do.


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