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Thread: Does Straight Talk have call tones?

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    Does Straight Talk have call tones?

    Not ring tones but the call tones you hear such as a song instead of the typical ring when you call them.
    Didn't see it mentioned anywhere on their site.

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    I suppose google voice would have this sort of thing...

    Have some friends that use those I'll have to ask them about it

    Apparently they are called ringback tones

    Google is going to start using ads as a ringback tone to pay for google voice

    I am also looking into buying them through AT&T to add to the prepaid E71 through Straight Talk

    I know reps can look up my phone using my cell phone number, so maybe i can buy stuff from them too, lol.
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    That would not work. The Answer Tones are not stored on the phone but I stored on servers owned by the carrier.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    I just created an account on

    I am hesitant to buy any tones as I believe they would add it to your bill, and straight talk would catch that and kill me.

    I was surprised I was able to create an AT&T wireless account, they sent me an official free AT&T txt with my confirmation number...

    I am going to go see what it says about my plan and balance... but like I said.. very afraid to try and add a ringback tone... I would do it if it asked for a credit card... but having it paid by straight talk sounds like a very bad idea.

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