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Thread: Transferring service to different TracFone

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    Transferring service to different TracFone

    Last year, I attempted to transfer minutes-only online, from one TracFone to another and it ended up being a complete port, including the phone number being moved as well. Over 1,400 minutes were to have been transferred and I ended up on the phone with TracFone for over an hour, just to get the minutes moved after the receiving phone was activated with the ported number.

    If I were to do this again, but transfer the minutes (now a little over 800 minutes left) as well as intentionally transfer the number, can the entire process now be done online, given that there is a reduced number of minutes, or would I still have to call them again to transfer the minutes? They made me input codes on the losing phone to zero the minutes first, then the minutes were sent OTA to the receiving phone back then.

    This would be contingent on TracFone sending me a new SIM card for what would be the receiving phone.

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Not sure if all can be done online.

    I usually end up telephoning customer service.

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    I have found the online system to be terrible. Just call 305-715-6500 and avoid a big headache.

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