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Thread: Galaxy S II Bluetooth issue

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    Galaxy S II Bluetooth issue

    Anyone else having intermittent Bluetooth problems on their SGH-T989? I'm still running 2.3.5 as the OTA update has never come. But I have a problem where a couple of times a week the phone won't connect to my Jeep. And trying to manually connect just gives errors. When I try to power cycle the BT radio the phone seems to get hung up. The only solution is to power cycle the phone which takes forever. Ideas?

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    I just got an SGS2 this week and have been having problems with the BT. Don't think it's hardware; I think it's the crummy software Samsung/T-Mobile have conspired to load it with. (Really starting to wish I'd gone with the Galaxy Nexus to avoid the crapware.) In my case, I finally got it to pair and for in-call audio to work, but the voice-dial button on my headset doesn't do anything. Makes the phone a non-starter to use while driving.

    Earlier today I tried installing the 'Bluetooth Launch' app to see if that would fix the VAD-button problem, but it doesn't. It makes me think that Samsung/TMO have changed something from stock.

    Be interested to know, if you decide to reflash with an aftermarket f/w, if that fixes any of the issues. I haven't gone there yet as I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep the phone ... at this point I'm frustrated enough with it I may eat the $50 restock fee and get a Nexus. But we'll see.

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    Yes! Whenever idle, would get disconnects on my Jawbone Icon with 2.3.5 and even worse on ICS with new Icon HD. No disconnects with either to my Nokia N97, N900, or iPhone. If it's in a call it's great quality but whenever idle, it random disconnects. Sometimes it reconnects, but usually it stays "lost." If you try to hit the button it will saying "trying to connect" but never does unless I turn BT off and then back on on the phone. Using the Jawbone Companion app had no effect either way.

    I'm suspecting either a resource issue (memory and/or cpu) or maybe just that the app "backgrounds" or something like that and loses connection if it's not transmitting/receiving data on the BT connection.
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    Mine is working fine with the Bluetooth on my car. I'm running ICS on my phone. Before that, I did have to turn the Bluetooth on again 1 or 2 times. I think the name of my Bluetooth software is Blue Connect.

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