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Thread: Factory Reset Lumia 710

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    Factory Reset Lumia 710

    After we play around with Lumia 710, such as setting up email accounts, phone numbers, address book, etc.. is there a way to hard-reset (factory reset/wipe) the phone so it can be given to someone else to be used?

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    Found this, it says "may"... but not sure

    Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 710 to Restore Original Factory Settings

    How to Reset Nokia Lumia 710?
    Restore Nokua Lumia 710 Factory Default Values

    It is recommended to back up all necessary data by copying any files you want to save from your phone to your computer. WARNING!!! A hard reset restores the original factory settings and may erase all downloaded content, including images, ringtones, contacts stored and programs installed in the internal memory. You can use a USB data cable to connect your phone to your primary computer, and use Zune to restore your backed up content and the earlier version of your phone software.

    To hard reset you Nokia Lumia 710, please follow below instructions:

    From the Start screen, swipe left.
    Tap Settings.
    Tap about.
    Tap reset your phone.
    Read the warning about all personal content being erased.
    Tap yes.
    Tap yes again.


    Another two ways..

    Method 1

    From the main menu either swipe right-to-left on the touchscreen or press the right arrow button on the top right of the interface.
    Scroll through the icons until you get to the ‘Settings’ menu. Then, tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
    Scroll down to the ‘About’ menu which should be second from the bottom. Tap it.
    Press the ‘Reset Your Phone’ button.

    The phone will reset itself and return you to the main menu.

    Method 2

    Switch the phone off.
    Press and hold the Volume Down, Power and Camera buttons at the same time.
    When the phone vibrates release the Power button but keep the Camera and Volume Down buttons held for a further five seconds.

    The phone will now be reset.

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