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Thread: Droid 3 Prepaid?

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    Question Droid 3 Prepaid?

    OK Little confused several Prepaid Dealers now state prepaid can be used with any phone in the US. I recently purchased a unlocked rooted Droid 3. However when I try to use it with Red Pocket H20 or Simple I am still directed to "Welcome to Verizon Wireless" None of the prepaid aps logos show up near the bar screen and when I try to place a call I am also directed to Verizon! Help! I am going crazy trying to figure this out!!!! Simple says take the stupid out of your smart phone but how do you do this?

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    Post is a little old but you can't use a Droid 3 on Red Pocket, H20, or Simple. They are all GSM carriers. Droid 3 is a CDMA phone. Yes, its a world phone that gets GSM but I'll just keep it simple by saying that it won't work with GSM carriers in the US, its only for roaming internationally. If you want to use the Droid 3 it would be a perfect phone for Page Plus prepaid network which uses Verizon towers. Look into going with Page Plus.

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