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Thread: Does Straight Talk sell a Mobile HotSpot

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    Does Straight Talk sell a Mobile HotSpot

    And if not what is the best one with a min of 2 gig for one month, lowest price.

    I make occasional trips out of town out to Lake of the Ozarks and found out that TM data service out there is seriously lacking.
    Back home it is back to its wonderful 4g.
    So I need a pay as you go Mobile hot spot that uses ATT, Verizon or Sprint, NOT a USB type but one of the credit card type.
    Will be used a few times a year.
    Any thoughts? I would really like to keep my business with ST, but it cant be through TM because my phone dropped to E and G.
    E I think is Edge, No idea what G is.

    ST to IPhone
    ST to Android
    ST to Windows Phone
    Tracfone CS at 800-876-5753 or 800-626-4883
    Phone Number for Google Customer Service. 18558363987

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    ST doesn't but Virgin Mobile, which runs over Sprint's network, does.
    Straight Talk unlimited everything plan for $45

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    E is Edge = about 90 Kbps
    G is GPRS = about 30-40 Kbps

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    Tracfancier--OUCH!!, dial up speeds.
    Dustman81--I actually bought one while out of town but it turned out they sold me a used MHS that was still registered to the person that bought it the first time so I had to take it back.
    Sprint service is passing out there but I would rather have something a bit better.
    Any opinions on Clear mobile hot spots, I know Verizon and ATT have them but not sure or their prices or if you can get them as Pay As You Go.
    Clear is PAYG but I don't think their service extends out to the Lake of the Ozarks.
    My sister tried to get it and was told it was not available.

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    Bought a new VM MHS for 70.00 new, off
    Any where else they are 140.00 after tax. And 3G speeds will work for me.

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