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Thread: Website says Power Text Unlimited is $15

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    Website says Power Text Unlimited is $15

    but the on the same page & when you add it to your cart, it says $19.95. Tough one, but I will say that one number is right while the other number is wrong.

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    The $15/mo rate has been unofficially announced for PTUnlimited to be effective 5/23/12. That is another positive change to look forward to from PPC!

    I would also like to see PT2000 lowered to $6.95, and the addition of PT5000 for $10.99. Always the dreamer...

    Currently, PT2000 is $10.95 and PTUnlimited is $19.95. So, obviously, the 5/23/12 lowering of PTUnlimited to $15/mo is an EXCELLENT change!

    Thank you, PPC!
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    Bottom line: From the point of MVNOs, text is cheap, minutes are reasonable, and data is expensive. Smart move to pull users from $10.95 to unlimited for only $4.00 more with a likely negligible increase in wholesale cost.

    Now if only VZW would play nice with the data... but that just aint gonna happen!

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