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Thread: Verizon Phones on Straight Talk? Straight Talk phones on Verizon?

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    Verizon Phones on Straight Talk? Straight Talk phones on Verizon?

    Hope someone can help with a few questions.

    I see they byod with SIM but what about non-SIM Verizon phones?

    Do Straight Talk phones like the Samsung Precedent work on Verizon prepaid?

    I am looking for a small Android to use with Straight Talk preferably on the Verizon network. I thought the Optimus Q was a little big for my tastes as well as the Proclaim - Illusion.

    I brought a Precedent for my kid which is a nice phone but it is on Sprint network and need something on the VZ network. I also want something with an updated OS, more memory and better CPU than the Precedent.

    Worst case I thought I could to settle for the Precedent and if Sprint ST does not work out I could use the Precedent on Verizon prepaid?

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    Can't use a Verizon phone on straight talk or vice versa. If you want android on straight talk, either stuck with their androids on sprint or the new proclaim on Verizon.

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