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Thread: Tracfone Lost or Stole My Cell Phone Number.

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    Tracfone Lost or Stole My Cell Phone Number.

    I like my LG3280.
    So I purchased from Tracfone a couple of refurbished LG3280 the last time this phone was offered on Tracfone website.
    Just sitting in box for a year or two.
    My current LG3280 went through the washing machine. Did dry it out and it did continue to work. But was begining to look shabby. So time to port my phone number to one of my new refurbished.

    The transfer took about an hour with normal CS person. Then new phone would not make or receive calls. Another call to Tracfone CS. Got it working again. Then next day same thing. More time with CS person. Finally got working.

    Then I was told folks calling me get a recording.

    Another day another call to Tracfone CS. This time I was told that my old phone number was gone. That my new LG3280 had a different telephone number.

    Tracfone CS could not find or access my old number. Up to supervisor at Tracfone CS. Told again that my old number was gone. Out of system. No way to get it back. Gone. Nothing can be done. CS offered me some additional minutes to pacify me. I declined. I was told by supervisor that there is absolutely no way for me to get my old number back.

    Called the Miami office. Explained all to that CS person. About two hours later I finally got my original phone number back.

    I have no idea how Tracfone gets or releases telephone numbers. My carrier is Verizon.

    Lesson learned. Keep asking same question when porting number to new Tracfone phone. Keep asking if my old number is still the same. At each and every step. Then double check at end of port.

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    I've read several other people saying the same thing as you. Whatever system they have is really just not great at all. Thankfully my LG 220C > Samsung R455C transfer online went okay. My gf did the EXACT same transfer and it got messed up so she had to call customer care.

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    This is just my opinion, of course, but if you value your minutes and your number, never use regular CS if the operation involves removing or replacing anything. Those people simply do not have the comprehension to do anything more complicated than adding an airtime card. They are trainees with lousy computers. The supervisors are hardly any better and still have the lousy computers. They also are dealing with a product that is just a figment of their imagination.

    It is especially difficult to retrieve a Verizon phone number. I'm surprised you got it back. Perhaps it wasn't totally gone.

    The website is a crapshoot similar to regular CS.

    I recommend that transfers be handled by Miami 305-715-6500. Those people are vastly more knowledgeable and also have better language skills and the best computer system. They don't use scripts and can make some executive decisions.

    The intermediate level "executive resolutions" is about halfway.

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    Lisme, you've confused me with that "intermediate level" comment. I always thought the 305 number you post is just the local Miami number for Executive Resolutions, which I usually call by the toll-free number 800-876-5753. Are "Miami" and "Executive Resolutions" not the same thing?

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    Executive Resolutions has been reconfigured, because the 800 number is now answered by obviously offshore CSRs who seem to have intermediate powers. The 305 number hasn't changed and is really Miami, with a receptionist. I think there was an onslaught of calls to the 800 number due to people reading various forums. The 800 number spread like wildfire and Miami didn't want to deal with it, so they sent the 800 number offshore. The 305 number remains a corporate number. The numbers used to ring in the same place, with the 800 number for convenience. But long-distance is not the issue it once was.

    When you call the 800 number, they refer to themselves as ER, but old-timers know that this is a crock, because the CSRs obviously aren't ER and the phone connection is abysmal. The 305 line is perfect. However, it can sometimes forward to the 800 line, which will be obvious. Then you have to hang up and call again.

    We are lucky to have this forum for help with proper customer service.

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