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Thread: Over charged and fuming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clubfred View Post
    I've always thought our Rogers bills were high but I looked them over and nothing jumped out at me. Since my husband and I share pooled minutes, I assumed we were just going over every month. (Those bills are confusing, too).

    Well, it turns out that those bills were too high. By sheer dumb luck, we discovered this when we called to inquire about upgrading our phones and perhaps switching plans. As it turns out, we have been charged full rate for every single minute we've used and the included minutes in our plan were never applied!

    We were immediately refunded $211 for three months but according to 'company policy' that is all we are entitled to. Now, this has been going on for well over a year, which means we are owed a lot more than $211. You can imagine how furious I am.

    When we asked to be let out of our contract we received a further surprise. Rogers is claiming we verbally agreed to a 24 month contract and we know this is untrue. For two years in a row we verbally agreed to a 12 month contract - that's all. We asked them to provide proof and their response was "It was entered into the system, so that is our proof." Despite the hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars that have been stolen from us, Rogers will not let us out of this alleged contract without paying over $240 per phone.

    I've consulted a lawyer and will be headed to small claims court. I wish I could avoid legal action but Rogers has left me with no choice. I am absolutely disgusted. This is criminal. I am wondering if there are any other bodies that I can report this to? Who knows how many other customers are being over-charged without knowing it?

    I'm spreading the word via social media, for now. I wish I could do more. This is so unethical. Rogers should be ashamed!


    Why is Rogers Wireless giving customer the impression that they nickle and dime for services!?

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    Holy necropost Batman!
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    I totally agree with you – they are crooks!

    In April 2013 we were contacted by a Rogers rep and told they had amazing deals that would save us lots of money, so we started the process of moving from Bell to Rogers as we felt our cell phone charges were too high with Bell. The best part of their deals was a $70 per month plan discounted at 50% off for the first 6 months. WOW – why would we say no?? We were also told to make sure to switch to the family plan once the 6 month discount ended so we would continue to save money.

    So in April 2013 we set up the move of our daughter’s cell phone from Bell to Rogers. She was moving to Calgary on May 5th for a 16 month internship so naturally when we were offered the $10 unlimited long distance plan we agreed – we live in Mississauga, so why wouldn’t we. Harry (no other name given) assured us that everything was set up.

    Even though we were charged the $10 for unlimited LD usage on our next Rogers Bill, we had Voice Long Distance Charges of $135.30 on our June 8th invoice for her cell phone. When we discussed this with a customer service manager we got a $50 credit only after an hour discussion about what happened!

    On our July 8 invoice we saw the $50 credit but have yet to see the 50% off for the first 6 months for that cell phone number.

    We moved the next cell phone over from Bell to Rogers and went through the same crap again agreeing to add the $10 long distance plan when we knew our son would be moving to Waterloo and would need that plan. The plan was not added to that phone.
    Number 3 cell phone moved to Rogers. Again no long distance plan was added even though it was very clear that an LD plan was a necessity as the phone was going to be in Waterloo.

    The 4th phone was moved over in the last 5 weeks and once again the LD plan was not added even though we discussed the need for long distance calling and therefore would need the $10 LD plan.

    But the most distressing part of all of this is that I found out on another marathon phone call with Rogers on August 14th, (I call it a marathon as most calls I’ve had with Rogers lasted more than an hour each time) that the 6 month 50% off deal didn’t kick in for a few months in case we decided to leave Rogers. I WAS NEVER TOLD ABOUT THIS! Every Rogers rep I spoke to through this travesty all offered the 50% off for the first 6 months plan and said they would add the $10 LD plan.

    When I spoke with the last Rogers Customer Service Manager about all that had happened, she hummed and hawed about how she couldn’t do anything as she could not speak for others. I asked about their recorded conversations she said it was for training purposes only!!

    Now we have ads on radio about how hard done by our cell phone providers will be when competition comes to Canada. Boo hoo Rogers, Bell & Telus!! We have crappy service and it’s about time you had some competition!! 3rd world countries have better cell phone service than we do in Canada.

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    I would write in to the Office Of The President online in that case. If you've spoken to a manager then you've done the first step and hopefully someone at this point can step in and take action. If you paid for the feature and it didn't work then that's not your fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cellphonejunky View Post

    Why is Rogers Wireless giving customer the impression that they nickle and dime for services!?


    Why are you responding to a year old thread?

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