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    why am i getting sms text from myself on iOS6?

    Since I've upgraded my iphone 4s to iOS6, everytime I send a text message to my wife's iPad I also get an incoming text from myself. I think apple did some kind of weird email registration under the covers and now has the screwed up. Anyone know what's going on and how I can fix this? Both devices share the same apple id and now I think somehow this got registered for text.

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    delivery report message? that's to show that it's arrived at the server

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    You set up iMessage incorrectly. In another thread, I helped someone with the same problem:

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    Ya I found the problem. Actually it's not the fact that you use the same apple ID. We've always had that. In fact it is not uncommon at all for family members to share the same apple ID yet still be considered independent users.

    For some reason I had my wife's email address as one of my email addresses in contacts for myself. When iOS 6 was installed, it added this address in to "You can be reached by iMessage at:" setting in the messages settings.

    Under settings - Messages there will be your apple ID, but also a section for email addresses you can be reached at. Once I removed my wifes's email from there, the problem cleared up even though we both have the same apple ID. This is as it should be.

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    You can create an Apple ID independently of the one used for the iTunes Store. Each iPhone user can have his own iCloud email address. This can serve as an Apple ID for iMessage and FaceTime.
    Earl F. Parrish

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