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Thread: Whatsapp issue

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    Whatsapp issue

    Hi everyone, I just got an iPhone and noticed an annoying bug that is present in whatsapp which was not an issue on android.

    When I send a msg or read a msg everything is fine. But when someone sends me a msg and the notification badge pops up, it shows a preview of the msg but the name of the sender is totally incorrect.

    My friend's name is Catherine and it shows up as hh2389x as the name. When clicking into the msg everything looks correct. Anyone experienced this and can provide a solution?

    Seems to happen to my international friends contacts only..


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    it is showing you the user number instead of name it could be possible that the user has put a name in some other language which is not set in your phone.
    you can also try this
    1. go to settings -->security and privacy --> application permissions --> select whatsapp --> make all the options "on"

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    Yep. Same thing happens to me. International friends only.

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