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Thread: Selling my US Cellular Galaxy S3

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    Selling my US Cellular Galaxy S3

    My spouse and I were disappointed to learn USCC was selling our account. We had been very satisfied with their service for a number of years. I was dumbfounded to learn that our two eight-month old Galaxy S-III's would not transfer and had become paperweights.

    I searched around and found lots of buyers but most were uninterested when they learned it was a US Cellular phone. The best offer I found was $5!

    I stumbled on to Technollo dot Com who made me a more realistic offer. I couldn't find anything bad about the company so I pursued it. They offered to send me mailers for free. That was encouraging. When Technollo (Austin, Texas) learned I had two phones and they were in new condition, they offered me a free FedEx label. I was hooked.

    They stayed in touch, kept me informed, and sent my payment by PayPal. The whole process took about a week!!!
    I am not affiliated with Technollo in any way. I am just so satisfied I wanted to share it with other US Cellular customers who were dropped.

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    Just curious how much they offered? The S3 sells in my town for around $300 each for used.

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    Yeah, I'm glad you didn't sell them for $5. That's the thing, sell them locally (St. Louis, Chicago, etc. divested markets) and you won't get much (since they're locked to US Cellular and US Cellular will be no more locally.) Go to a market that is not being sold off and they'll get decent money.

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    they paid 100. The phone is worth between 200 and 250. If your are really really lucky you can find one for 150. Guess it all depends on if you dont want to deal with people and lose some money for the simplicity . Read the fine print for all of these trade in places. Some give you less because of scratches. Your definition new may not be their new.
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