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Thread: 'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

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    Yeah Att gives you travel passes for $10 a day unlimited calls, text, and high speed data. Sprint even has high speed data weekly packages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkglover View Post
    I came to Paris fully intending to be content with 256kbps. That lasted one day for me. Texting worked fine as did email (no large attachments). Mapping was OK. I don’t use Yelp. Facebook and Instagram would eventually load. Beyond that, it was fairly useless IMO. And for $20, I have 1GB of high speed data that should be plenty if I’m careful. I suppose it all depends on what you are used to and what you expect or want to do with your mobile device.

    I agree about T-Mobile’s opportunity in the marketplace. They seem to be slowly moving in the right direction. Wish they would move just a little faster!
    I'd say we agree across the board on the utility of the 256 service. My only real beef with the $20/1Gb is the 10 day part. I'm pretty used to not having to walk away from unused data, and for $3.80 more a Gb, I can extend 10 days to a full year if I buy at least 5Gb. My trips may be unique in that there is always 2-8 of us, and since I'm the cellular nerd, I generally provide a hotspot for my "Posse".

    One other feature of KeepGo is that adding any additional data to existing service, carries over the unused leftovers from the last plan purchase. I seem to spend 45-60 days a year out of the US, so I appreciate perpetual data service.

    This type of international data service from TM would destroy the other carriers roaming plans.

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