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Thread: iPhone 5S now says HOME 4G again, instead of TFW LTE

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    iPhone 5S now says HOME 4G again, instead of TFW LTE

    ok, My wife has an unlocked (originally from AT&T) black iPhone 5S. I tried to switch her out to a white iPhone 5S (AT&T locked this time, since its now expensive to unlock) Anyway using a t-mob sim, i struggled to get past the phone not liking the t-mob SIM, because the white phone was carrier locked.

    So I thought, just put the nano sim back in the original unlocked iPhone 5S... Now its only showing HOME 4G instead of LTE, so I put the same tfdata APN settings back in using the t-mob sim swap, that I used when i first got her black phone, But still no LTE or TFW.

    Not exactly sure why.. and not exactly sure what else to get it back?

    Actually, its now saying LTE.... after a few mins, but still most definitely says HOME...

    Anything I need to worry about ?

    **EDIT, I just ran the carrier update and its now showing TFW LTE, so i think i'm good. thanks.

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    Glad everything ended up working out...ST service seems to respond best to the iPhone 5S than the other models. Once that carrier update is done, the service is awesome.

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