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Thread: What is my extender doing for me?

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    What is my extender doing for me?

    I bought an extender because reception in the far part of my house, both voice and texting, was really bad. Now that the extender is here, everything works great at the far end of the property.

    With that said, I've noticed that in spite of the extender's presence, I still only show one or two bars on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) even if it is right next to the extender. The words "Network Extender" are present on my screen when I am in range, so apparently I am operating on the extender. Additionally, the markings "4G" also display on the screen, which confuses me as I thought the extender only handled 3G.

    Thoughts anyone as to why I only get one or two bars? Should I be getting five bars?

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    Your phone is picking up 2 bars of LTE for data and the network extender for voice, if you turn off LTE you should see 4-5 bars of 3G from the extender

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    Got it. Thanks!

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    This proves that I have been searching before asking.
    I contacted Verizon about poor signal around my home, so they sent me a network extender. I hooked it up to my wireless router and couldnt get the cellphone to connect. So I called and first thing the level 2 tech says to me is why did they send it to me seeing I have an iphone 6 with wifi calling. I have an older router and believe I am getting a better signal further with the extender. Is this a waste of energy money or is it doing something?
    If there is a thread on this topic could someone point me to the direction? Thanks

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