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Thread: US Mobile launches new competitive pricing on untethered 4G LTE speeds

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    US Mobile launches new competitive pricing on untethered 4G LTE speeds

    Hello Howard Forums!

    We are here to inform you about prepaid carrier US Mobile. It’s all about freedom at US Mobile, which is why we offer fully customizable plans so you only pay for what you use. Choose any combination of talk, text and data to fit your needs and never overpay for your phone bill again. Plus you can top-up at anytime or change your plan as your needs change.

    • No contract
    • Plans starting at $5/month
    • Unlimited global texting
    • International calling rates as low as $.02/min

    Do you really need unlimited?

    No! As several carriers are trending toward unlimited talk and text, customers remain out of the loop about what they are actually using and what they really need. On average, the US Mobile customer pays just $14/month. Our promise is to deliver unparalleled customer experience and blazingly fast 4G LTE speeds.

    Can I use my existing phone and number?

    Yup! Unlocked GSM-based devices can be used with US Mobile. To port your number to US Mobile, simply choose transfer number during the one step online SIM activation.

    Check out our coverage

    See how much you can save with US Mobile. Get a SIM card now with free shipping.


    24/7 Call Center

    At US Mobile we are committed to exceptional customer service. Our Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us at [email protected] or 888-878-1488.
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