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Thread: Nokia 8 - the 2017 flagship

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    Nokia 8 - the 2017 flagship

    CES leak in advance of February's MWC.
    GSMArena, Jan 12

    Reportedly the Nokia 8 will come in two versions - one with a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB RAM and a 24 MP OIS + EIS primary camera. A 12 MP selfie snapper and dual front-facing speaker are also on the cards. Storage is going to be 64GB or 128GB and there will be a microSD card slot for expanding that further.

    The more affordable version will come with Snapdragon 821, a lesser but unspecified camera and 4GB of RAM. The two are actually shown side by side in the video

    NB: The phone body in the video may not be the Nokia 8 we'll see at MWC, but a reference design for showcasing the Snapdragon 835 EIS. (German)
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