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Thread: Why data so expensive

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    Why data so expensive

    I always wondered why project fi has such high cost of data ? On sprint I get unlimited data for $45 a month and t-mobile gives me unlimited data for $30. I was expected to signup for project fi but never activated my service due to high cost of data. Can google offer unlimited data for $30 ?

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    Because the whole point of Project Fi is to use WiFi as much as possible.
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    Google already pays quite a bit to Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular for high speed data with no caps on their speed. If there was a cheap data option, carriers would be charge a lot more. My guess their deal with Sprint and T-Mobile would change if/when the two companies merge.

    While I agree that $10 per gig is expensive, Fi is more for business people or WiFi heavy consumers than it is for people who rely a lot of cellular data. Hopefully somethings changes soon to lower data for those who have had Fi for a while. Time will tell.

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