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Thread: So confused w/ choosing network. I THOUGHT an unlocked Galaxy S7 will work on ANY...

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    So confused w/ choosing network. I THOUGHT an unlocked Galaxy S7 will work on ANY...

    My daughter has a factory unlocked (SM-G930FD) that was purchased on ebay. It has most recently been used for four months on MetroPCS. Their service, however, does not work in our new home. So I tried to call Total Wireless and they stated this phone will not work on their network. I did NOT understand their explanation. Could someone here help me in plain English? I have Total Wireless' sim kit...why would this phone not work on any network?

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    Your phone is a GSM phone. Total Wireless is a Verizon MVNO. Verizon using CDMA technology, not GSM like AT&T, T-Mobile and the rest of the world. So you're limited to the small number of CDMA phones out there.

    Verizon sucks, which makes all their MVNOs suck as well. Phone freedom is just one of the many things you give up by going with them.

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