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Thread: Welcome to h2o Wireless!

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    I used the $15 smart SIM kit to activate my z222. The phone did texts & calls but no MMS. I took the SIM out & tested it in a locked AT&T qwerty the Alcatel OT871A, it didn't accept the MMS settings but when I put it back in the z222 flip, the settings updated & no more problems with its settings. But the qwerty texter & Alcatel Ideal continually refused to accept the H20 MMS settings. They call & text on H20 but no data/MMS.

    I posted about it in other threads.

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    I activated a new $30 plan in mid Sept, during which H2O website clearly advertised 3 GB data was included, but when it renewed on autopay, I only received 2 Gb of data. Nowhere did I see on their website saying that I would receive a lower data amount after that first month. There was a small "1" footnote, but nothing in the footnote to indicate a reduced data in subsequent months. So I called and they confirmed that now the 2nd month of service goes to 2Gb of data. They need to make this fact much more clear. I know several people who signed up long ago still receiving their 3Gb of data for $27/mo on autopay. How does a company go DOWN on data allotments while everyone is going up? I'm guessing a few like me will exit when they realize the bait and switch.

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